Conferences are offered throughout the year to provide in-depth focus on specific areas of care. Check back often for announcements regarding upcoming conferences. Please note: Conference dates are subject to change.

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Upcoming Conferences

16th Annual Diabetes Conference

Corpus Christi, TX

Health care professionals will learn leading-edge topics on diabetes treatment, management and care to improve outcomes of patients with diabetes.

16th Annual Diabetes Conference
July 22nd to 23rd, 2022
Omni Hotels and Resorts, 900 N. Shoreline Blvd.,
Corpus Christi, Tx

Why attend a continuing education conference?

As a health care practitioner, you maintain a hectic schedule. That goes without saying. So, why carve out a day or two to attend a conference when you can just earn your required CEUs online?

Conferences offer more than a check mark on your continuing education report. When you attend a live event, you sit face-to-face with leaders in your field and other members of the medical community. By interacting with a diverse crowd of health care practitioners, researchers and specialists, you go home with a bag full of fresh ideas for improving your own practice—ideas you may not have even thought to pursue. That’s the power of conversation.

Value can even be found in the exhibit hall. Conference vendors and suppliers are on the cutting-edge of pharmaceuticals, devices, equipment and technology for improving medical care and patient experience at your office or hospital. Ask them questions, try out the displays and collect the latest literature to stay ahead of the curve.

Conferences also offer unique networking opportunities, furthering valuable connections within the local medical community and extending them to the rest of the state and nation.

And the best part? Earn all your required CEUs for the year in one shot. Now the real question is: why not attend a continuing education conference?

Conference speakers

Please view the CME Speaker Handbook for important information regarding your presentation for the conference at which you are speaking.