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A new lease on life after receiving cure for hepatitis C

A man sits on a bench at the seawall in Corpus Christi.
A man and his daughter speak with a community health worker in an office.
A man talks his daughter as they sit at the seawall in Corpus Christi.

Ricardo Cantu, a widower and father of two, lived with hepatitis C for 20 years before learning of a cure. However, at $1,000 per pill, Cantu needed help paying for the treatment.

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The alkaline diet, a healthy diet backed by faulty science

alkaline diet foods

Proponents wrongly attribute blood acidity to the foods we eat.

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Health delivered a million times over

A woman sitting behind a desk talks to another woman.

In just three years, Healthy South Texas made more than 1 million contacts with its programs.

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Healthy tamaladas keep traditions alive

People wearing maroon hats make healthy tamales.

The community joins together to learn from a dietitian how to make a healthier version of traditional pork tamales.

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Diabetes control requires multifaceted approach

A group of pills

Health experts say that effective diabetes self-management requires more than just medication.

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