The Health Careers Program promotes awareness and exploration of job opportunities through the development of Future Nurses Clubs and Health Careers Clubs. Through these clubs, students work with teachers and faculty sponsors to select the courses most important for entrance into advanced education programs upon graduation from high school. In addition, the program provides supplemental resources to assist the clubs in fostering students' interest in learning more about health care career options available to them. Please contact the Health Careers Program staff for assistance with starting a club in your school.

How to Start a Future Nurses or Health Careers Club at Your School

Step 1
Obtain approval from the school's principal.

Step 2
Identify a faculty member that may be interested in being a sponsor of a club.

Step 3
Request a Fast Start Manual from our staff. Refer to the Fast Start Manual for all the forms and processes necessary to establish the club. Customize the addendums provided below with your logo, school name, etc.

Step 4
Coordinate a club development meeting for the assigned faculty sponsor and a representative from the Health Careers Program.

Step 5
Gather relevant information about health careers that will helpful to the faculty sponsor in attracting students into the club and advertising the creation of the club.

Step 6
Call an initial organizational club meeting of prospective students interested in membership.

Step 7
Announce the first official club meeting of prospective students interested in membership.

Step 8
Provide club members with ongoing opportunities for health careers awareness and exploration through coordinated tours, shadowing programs, guest speakers and volunteer opportunities. Identify activities in your area for the club to participate in that support a healthier community.

Club News

The Coastal Bend Health Education Center enjoys working with schools all across South Texas and loves to hear about what's going on in your school. If you would like to share information about your health careers club or program, please email the Health Careers Program.