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Diabetes Education Program

In South Texas, a prevalence of people face the challenges of living with diabetes, with more expected to be diagnosed in coming years. Diabetes Education puts the pieces together for a healthier lifestyle

The Coastal Bend Health Education Center's Diabetes Education Program, accredited by the American Diabetes Association, helps diagnosed patients with controlling their diabetes, teaches those at risk of developing the disease how to prevent the onset of diabetes, and educates the public about the disease. 

The program reaches out to those suffering from diabetes and their families. Our specially trained staff works with patients, their family, and their physicians to personalize each diabetes care plan. We help patients learn to live happier, healthier, longer lives by empowering them with knowledge and skills needed to manage the disease. The program provides continued support beyond the diabetes self-management classes through quarterly lab work and monthly family night support groups.

Our program also educates the general public about diabetes and teaches about prevention. Diabetes can be prevented or delayed when individuals are taught to change behaviors by adopting healthier eating habits and incorporating physical activity in their lives. The program hosts classes on nutrition and exercise throughout the year. Despite the prevalence of diabetes, a number of myths and misconceptions about the disease still exist. By participating outreach activities such as health fairs and speaking engagements the program staff helps others to better understand this disease.

The Diabetes Education Program's advisory board is composed of a diverse group of community leaders and members who assist us in carrying out our mission. Their input and involvement are extremely important to what we do for our community and region.

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Our department is recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

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